We (Heart) The Library

Six Library-card carrying family members x 50 books allowed on each card = LOTS of books at our house at any given time!

My kiddos love the library.  And I'm so thankful they do.  I've always loved the library myself...ever since I was a child.

I would love to take them to the library every week, but it usually ends up being about every other week.  And we have two libraries that are fairly close to us, so we alternate our trips between the two of them.

But in between physical trips to the library, I'm often on the library website, requesting new inter-library loan books (for fun, and for our "book basket" time with our homeschool curriculum).  You can only request 50 books at a time on one card, so I often have to switch between cards to keep up with the requests I need/want to make.

The kids get plenty of time to read independently, between "book basket" time, reading during rest-time, and bedtime.  (We allow the children to read in bed after we tuck them in...it's not unusual for some of them to read for at least 30 minutes to an hour...or more.)

These pictures show our most recent haul from the library.  The children are so excited when we first get home, it's like a feeding-frenzy as they go through the books on the floor.

As we are studying early American history this year, we've recently learned that Benjamin Franklin started the first public library...

...and we are extremely thankful he did!


  1. Hi There,

    I'm Debbie and I have enjoyed reading your blog. I really don't remember how I came upon it. I was wondering if your kids fall asleep with the lights on while they are reading or do they have a lamp on a table that they turn off. I'm just always curious about the logistics of things I might want to try.

    1. Hey Debbie! About 95% of the time they do turn their lights off before falling asleep...but every once in a while (like last night!) I will find a light on and have to turn it off for them. The girls have a lamp on the dresser right next to their bunkbed...and Noah has a light with a gooseneck that clips to his bunkbed up by his head (he's on the top bunk)...but all of them prefer to just use their ceiling light fixtures in their rooms. (go figure) Blessings, Joli

  2. And I thought WE checked out lots of books!!! :) Blessings, Jennifer



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