Noah's Eyes

A few days ago I took Noah to a follow-up with the Ophthalmologist.  We've been seeing Dr. L every 6 months to keep a check on Noah's "pressures" in his eyes (pressures that are too high can be an indicator of glaucoma).

Thankfully, Noah's pressures were high-normal.  They were the very highest they could be and still be considered normal.  We'll take it.  Result: Come back in another 6 months to check again.

While we were there we talked with Dr. L about something else that has been going on with Noah's eyes: he's been complaining of his head hurting after he starts to read.  Dr. L said that while Noah's eyesight was technically fine...it did sound like he would benefit from wearing reading glasses.  He explained to Noah how the muscles inside his eyes that help focus can get tired just like the muscles elsewhere in his body...and that wearing these glasses while he reads should help.

And for a boy who loves to read like Noah does, this was great news.

Surrounded by our most recent haul from our library.  We heart the public library.

It didn't hurt that a couple of Noah's best little buddies have started wearing glasses.  All my children think glasses are super-cool.

So, now my precious boy/man looks like this while he is reading.

No, actually he looks like this while he is reading:

And that smile says it all.  He (and I!) are both so excited that he can read again without bothersome side effects!

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  1. Yeah Noah!! You are rockin' those glasses, bud! So glad you got good pressure readings!! Hope you all have an awesome Friday!



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