Blue Angels

Several months ago we caught a show on Netflix about the Blue Angels.  The kiddos (and adults!) were enthralled.  I got on the internet to see when they would next be coming to our area, and found out the answer was "soon"!

And it wasn't "just" the Blue Angels, it was a whole to-do, with lots of booths and many, many pilots performing amazing feats.

So we packed up and headed south for the day.

Matching was the kiddos' idea...but it sure does make it easier to spot them in a crowd!
All the branches of the military were represented, and had neat displays and information available.

Yes, Gabriel thoroughly enjoyed checking out all the booths...can't you tell?!?

The kiddos had fun watching this man....

...remotely control this robot.

I didn't realize how many performers there were going to be before the Blue Angels.

They were quite amazing.

And beautiful.

But after a while, the kiddos started...wilting.

 But then...the Blue Angels' performance began...

 ...and they got their second wind.

Or maybe it was the funnel cake.

We find it impossible to attend an event where funnel cake is sold and NOT buy one...or two.

Nah, I really do think it was the Blue Angels.  They were simply amazing.  It was thrilling to see them in action.

Gratuitous shot of the handsome man next to me during the show.
I used to think that red was Jas' color...now I think it may be green.  

 We are glad we made the trek to go see them in person.


  1. My Eli loves the blue angels. Dh took him to the air show here in California recently. they met and talked to a WW2 vet while they were there.

  2. How fun!! We used to go to airshows....now it just seems too exhausting! Maybe again one day. Blessings, Jennifer



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