Never Again

DISCLAIMER:  If you are a vegetarian, please stop reading immediately.  If you don't believe in hunting, please stop reading immediately...and whatever you do, don't scroll down and look at the pictures.  Consider yourself warned!


Never again will I think of my precious Elisabeth only in terms of being a girly-girl.

She was so excited when Jas told her that it was her turn to accompany him deer hunting on Saturday - opening day of rifle season.

She went sporting her own Elisabeth-style of hunting ensemble:

Daniel's hat, Daniel's shirt, LK's camo capris (they have pink flowers embroidered on the leg,
they weren't really made for hunting!)...and Noah's boots

Most hunting trips are unsuccessful...so imagine our surprise when daddy and Elisabeth called us a little later and told us that Jas got a deer!   The other four children and Laoli and I drove out there to see the goings-on.

 I don't know when I've seen Elisabeth this excited.

When we got out there and I first saw Elisabeth she beamed and burst forth, "We busted her guts out!"  Oh my.   That can definitely be filed in the "Things I never thought I'd hear my children say" file...especially from Elisabeth!

Giving Daniel the blow-by-blow account

I may sound excited about all this.  I try to act that way for all of them, but I really don't like it.  But what I do like is meat that is healthier and cheaper, not fed on a feed-lot with corn, from an animal that hasn't been given antibiotics...so I try to dwell on those things.

 And I sure do love to see my daughter having a great time with her daddy.

But Elisabeth did draw the line when Jas tried to have the deer kiss her:

 Every girl has her limits.


  1. Congrats!!! And it is so much fun!!!

  2. OHHH MY! E, you just made me so proud, girl!!! WAY TO GO!!! Have you got the fever now?! Wish I had never gotten rid of my bow!!! Big hug for ya, E!!!



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