...Elisabeth has begun meeting with Mrs. Marissa.

I spoke about Marissa and her husband Steven previously.  I happen to be their number one fan.  Yes, I tell them that frequently...I think it embarasses them!

All of our church family recently took a series of tests to help us determine our place in the life of our church (based upon our personality, gifts, passions, etc.).  When I found out that Marissa felt called to mentor young girls...I immediately jumped on her asked her to consider mentoring our Elisabeth.

They began meeting this past weekend, and we think they will get together about every other week.  Elisabeth had a ball with Mrs. Marissa - as I knew she would.  They went out to lunch together, planted some plants, baked cookies, tended to chickens.  I wish I'd counted how many times I heard Elisabeth say "Mrs. Marissa said..." or "Mrs. Marissa did such-and-such" over the next couple of days!  It was precious.

Marissa and I talked back and forth leading up to this first meeting about what our visions were for this mentoring relationship.  We're doing everything we can here at our house to train up our children...but to have a real live, in-the-flesh picture of the values and ideals we're trying to instill in them?  I think this is priceless.

Marissa is an excellent writer that happens to drip with Godly wisdom, especially considering her very young (to me) age.  I'm thrilled that she has a blog and I love reading what she has to say...


When Marissa and Steven brought Elisabeth back home after their time together, Steven got to hold Mr. Gabriel some:

I reiterate: There is simply nothing better than a man loving on a child.

Steven has joked more than once about taking Gabriel home with him.  He was (mostly) kidding. I think.

Steven and Marissa have been called out by the Lord to lead a new community group on a different night.  We sure will miss being in the same group with them...but we're so extremely thankful for the time that we've had with them, the way the Lord has connected us, and the relationship that will continue now...


.... we had our pediatrician and another couple over to eat supper.

It was so neat to have this time to get to know Dr. J better...and on a more personal basis.  It wouldn't occur to me to initiate something personal like this with one of our doctors...so it was neat that Dr. J was the one who mentioned it.  It happened at the last well-baby appointment that Jas went to with me and Gabriel.  Jas and Dr. J (who is about our age) had a great time talking with one another.

During the conversation, when Dr. J found out that Jas and I feel like our family is not done yet, he made a comment about us "needing a psych eval!"  He was (mostly) kidding.  I think.

But he must not be too scared by us, because he mentioned at the end of the appointment that we should all get together for supper sometime.  So...we did!  The children thought it was so neat that their doctor came. to. our. house.  They were beside themselves.  Dr. J teases with them and they have much fun interacting with him.  

It is no secret that in the area in which we live, diversity is sorely lacking.  Jas and I need/want to be intentional about making sure that G sees men of color - Godly role models - in our life.  We're thankful - and feel like it is the Lord that has connected us with Dr. J.


....Jas and I have begun a new Bible-reading plan.

I mentioned here that I feel like I need to be drawing closer to the Lord.  Honestly, my quiet times have not been what they could/should be recently.  I don't want to shift blame, but for the past, oh, 7.5 months, it has especially been a challenge to make my time with the Lord a priority.

But a priority is absolutely what it should be.  I have felt very convicted (as well I should):  I have time to read blogs.  I have time to read books, and to watch some shows with Jas after the children are in bed....(etc., etc.)

And yet I can't find more time to spend with the Lord, and to submerge myself in His word?  Ridiculous!  I am spinning my wheels f I try to do this thing (mothering, homeschooling, living...) in my own strength and wisdom.  I fall back into that mode too often.  It's not pretty.

I've read the entire bible several times since I first became a believer approximately 13 years ago now.  But it is time to really dig in.  I want to get lost in it.  And I'm excited.

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  1. I was mostly kidding. I think you should worry about Marissa, though. She might actually try. :)



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