Gabriel's First Couple of Days Home

The past few days have been a miraculous, wonderful whirlwind of activities and emotions.

Where to start?

This is where you can usually find little Mr. Gabriel:
It's hard to know who loves our Moby Wrap more, Gabriel or I! I had a feeling it would come in very handy during the waking hours around here (since I do have four other children and can't sit around and just gaze at Gabriel's beautiful face 24/7)...

...but I didn't realize we would use it even at night! This is the only thing that has allowed Gabriel and I to get the (little bit) sleep we have gotten the last two nights. He is right here on my chest in the Moby Wrap, with me half-propped up in the bed. Hey..."whatever works" is my new, favorite motto right now!

When Gabriel is not in the Moby Wrap he is still always being held and loved on by someone:

I seriously have to fight with this one over Gabriel-time! I knew she'd want to be a little second mama to him...and she hasn't disappointed!

Jas was off from work all day Monday...but he will only have off the mornings for Tuesday- Thursday. (Bummer for us, but I'll just choose to be glad that it's good job security that he is so needed at the bank!)

I don't know what I would have done without Jas the past couple of days! I've always known he was a good, helpful daddy...but this just seals the deal!

He is right in there with me and Gabriel when Gabriel is eating every three hours (even during the night). But for all the little fusses and noises in between those feedings - the noises that I hear even though I only have one good ear - Jas sleeps right through. He calls his good, heavy sleeping his "gift."

I've been researching and studying up getting ready to deal with AA hair and skin. E-mailing back and forth with this mama who is as interested in using all natural products as I am has been extremely helpful.

This is a picture of Gabriel's first coconut oil hair treatment last night:

I had lots of helpers.

We had Gabriel's first pediatrician appointment this morning.

At 8:30 a.m.
Wow! That was interesting...getting Jas, I, Gabriel and Elisabeth out the door by 7:45.

Gabriel weighed 7lb8oz at birth. He was down to 7lb5oz when we left the hospital. Well, today he was already back up past his birth weight...7lb13oz.
AND, his belly button fell off yesterday...at 3 days old.

Dr. J said our little man is doing great...and his prescription was for us to "keep doing what you're doing."

Finally, Noah specifically asked me to take a picture of Chippyye visiting with Gabriel and "please post it on the blog".
How could I say "no" to a sweet request like that???


  1. Okay I may have to make a trip south to get some time holding that one!! Oh he is adorable!!!

  2. I am soooooo ready for this cold to be over so I can hold that boy, too!!!

    Thank you for the abundance of photos so I can hold him vicariously.

    God is great and greatly to be praised!!!!!

  3. Wow, his cord fell off quick!
    So update us - are you able to breastfeed?

  4. Soooo glad you are posting all these wonderful pictures!! He is just so handsome!! Praying you are getting some sleep while you enjoy that boy! Just so thankful to the Lord for this precious gift!!

  5. You continue to glow along with the rest of the family....

  6. Oh my goodness! Gabriel is just so beautiful! Loving seeing all the pictures of you and your family with him!

    janet, kevin, ted, sophia, philip, and elijah

  7. Aawww...he is a cutie! So glad you all are having a wonderful time getting to know him. Elisabeth looks like a great helper!!



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