When Jas told the children at supper last night that he would be going to a meeting today in a city 6 hours away...but that he would be back home by regular time tonight, Noah was the first to realize that meant Jas would be flying.

And not on a commercial plane.  The parent company of Jason's bank owns a plane.  High-fallutin'...I know.  Jas has flown on it one time previously.

Noah was also the first to ask last night if we could all go to see Jas off this morning.  Not so we could "see daddy off", you understand...but so that we could check out the plane, up close and personal.

And check it out we did.

We got to watch as it left its resting spot in the hangar...

...and was pulled out onto the tarmac (is that the correct word?).

And then the pilot offered for us to look around the inside.

The children pretty quickly figured out that instead of the "shutters" that you pull down to cover your window on the flights we've been on...this plane's windows have a little knob that allows you to turn the window around and it (Ta Da!) changes from tinted to clear.  (You can see in the picture below the difference in the windows on the left)

The plane seats 8 passengers, and looks much more comfortable than any of the flights we've ever been on.

So we poked and prodded all over the plane (I kid, I kid)...

...and just generally had a grand time.

Even Lil Mr. G, who would normally have still been asleep at this hour.

And then nothing would do but that we had to hang out and wait for daddy to actually take off. (Were the kiddos just trying to delay getting back home and starting our schoolwork???)

The children actually ran/followed daddy's plane for quite a ways.  (Yes, this was definitely a delay-tactic!)

But then the jig was up.  We actually got back home in time to hit the books by 9 a.m.

And daddy is now already back - safe and sound - in his office.  Thanks for letting us tag along to the airport for our mini-fieldtrip this morning, daddy!


  1. oh how fun!!!!!!!!!!
    Think his boss would mind if they made a bit of a detour to Lancaster, PA airport and picked up an extra passenger?!?!?!?!?!?!

  2. Too cool!! NICE plane! Hope you enjoyed it, Jason! Have an awesome weekend!



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