Elisabeth - Day 2

Elisabeth slept the entire night! She woke up at a little after 5:00; which was about 10 hours. At 5:00 a.m., we quickly made a bottle (Dad was still a little fuzzy headed and it took repeated orders from Mom to get Dad moving) and Elisabeth sucked it down. This was a great relief to us because she had not eaten anything since we have had her. During breakfast, Elisabeth liked the looks of the mini pancakes on Mom's plate and reached for one (the first thing she has reached for). So we took a couple with us this morning and while Mom kept breaking off very small pieces to feed to her (she only has 4 teeth), Elisabeth carried a pancake around in her hand most of the morning!

Our first order of business was a meeting at the Civil Affairs Bureau to finalize our adoption on the Chinese side. Next we had to go to the Notary office. After these two important meetings, where
we had to be interviewed, Elisabeth is now irrevocably, forever ours according to the Chinese government!

Once we finished with our important business we all went to Wal Mart. Elisabeth slept on Joli's chest through all the excitement. You can imagine the looks our 11 Caucasian families carrying Chinese
babies got! We'd been warned that this might happen, but it still surprised us when it did – a middle-aged Chinese woman came up to us (after staring at us for quite a while) and felt Elisabeth's legs
and feet and told us that she was cold and we needed to cover her up more. We thanked her and took care of that immediately! Adoptive parents have affectionately nicknamed these Chinese the "clothes

Elisabeth had a poopy diaper this afternoon and again this is a great relief. The babies can often have lots of trouble, with all the changes, diet and otherwise. Mom changed the diaper, and didn't even gag – YEAH! (But those of you who said "your own baby's diaper won't stink" - you lied!) We're also thinking she has been dehydrated. The poor thing sucked down 2 ½ bottles of water today. And after lots of lotion, she is doing better, but her skin is still real dry (she scratches her belly in her sleep). The grandmothers are still anxiously awaiting their turn with Elisabeth – who starts crying if they get too close, or sometimes even if they look at her!

Other interesting facts we've found out about our new daughter:
- According to our bathroom scale she weighs about 17 or 18 pounds (we were told she weighed 18.75 pounds two months ago)
- The 6-9 months outfit she wore today was a little big on her
- While sleeping, she stuffs her blanket into her mouth and sucks on it (picture below)
- She hates having her diaper changed!
- She HATES being bathed (even sponge bathed like we did this morning)!

Elisabeth still acts very mournful and lethargic, and just kind of pitiful overall. She won't play with, or even hold, any toys, and is only very mildly interested when we read her books to her. She wants to be held (with her head on your shoulder, preferably) ALL the time – which Mom is happy to oblige because she is just so darn precious! We covet your prayers as Elisabeth continues to make this
huge adjustment. We praise the Lord for this little angel and can't wait for the rest of you to meet her also!

Elisabeth's favorite snack

Checking things out

Hanging out with mom

Morning nap on bus

Notary Office visit

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