Elisabeth - Adoption Day!

What a wonderful, joyous day!

We're a family!

We did a little more sight-seeing this morning before flying into Elisabeth's province – but who cares about that, let's skip to the important stuff!

We arrived at the hotel in Nanchang around 2:00 to get checked and settled in before the babies showed up. We were told that the babies would arrive at 4:00 and that they would be brought to the
hotel (this was a nice change in plans, since we were supposed to meet them at the local Civil Affairs office). We met as a group at 3:20 to get our gifts together for the orphanage director and
nannies, and to pray. We had a very meaningful, wonderful time of prayer and scripture reading with all of the families and our two guides. As you might imagine, quite a few tears were shed during
this time!

Then, each family was called one at a time to meet their baby out in the hallway; we were about ¾ through the group. Elisabeth wasn't screaming crying like all the other babies – she was even more
heartbreaking. She had tears on her face but had apparently been crying so hard before we even saw her that she was just taking big gulping breaths. When Joli took her, she continued to whimper in
the most pitiful manner. She has absolutely beautiful lips and boy, does she know how to stick that lower one out! She looked at us so mournfully - it was very heart wrenching. She would tuck her face
into our necks, and while it felt great to have her snuggle, I think she was just trying to hide. She and the other babies had to ride over 3 hours to get to our hotel, so presumably she had missed her afternoon nap and within about 10-15 minutes of us getting her she was fighting sleep really
hard, in Joli's arms.

Back in our room, she wouldn't take any of the formula or rice cereal we offered her (our guide brought each of the families some of the formula the babies have been using, but not until hours
later). She finally fell asleep laying on Joli's chest on the bed. All the families then had to meet back downstairs for the dinner buffet at 5:30. Elisabeth continued sleeping on Joli at first, but then woke up. We were told by the guide that all the babies would like congee (this is like a watery rice pudding without the sugar), and steamed eggs (this is like flan without the sugar), but Elisabeth would take neither. Joli ate a few bites, but then took Elisabeth back to the room because she was crying and looking so pitiful. Elisabeth fell back asleep at 6:45, with daddy's help. We'll see how well she sleeps! All of you who told us that parenting would just come naturally - you were right. Talk about love at first sight!

Tomorrow we have an early day; we have to meet in the lobby at 8:00 to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and the Notary office. This will be our first day and first challenge as parents - to be up, fed and
ready to go at 8:00 a.m.!

Thank you so much for your prayer, we can really feel them. Please keep them coming!

Elisabeth's first nap on mama

Bedtime with daddy

What a sweet little angel

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