School Planning Retreat - 2012

I used Saturday to plan for our 2012-2013 school year.  I do this little planning retreat every year right before we start school:  look over everything I plan to use, (re)familiarize myself with all our materials.  As this is the first year we're using My Father's World, I really needed this concentrated time to wrap my mind around how our days should/would look and how I can best arrange our daily schedule.

As I'm still nursing our little Boogley Bear every 3 hours during the day, I stuck closer to home for my planning retreat this year - as in about 1/2 mile from home, at this precious cottage:

When I told my dear friend Amy that I thought I'd go to our town's (very) little library in order to Get-Away-But-Stay-Close, she suggested I instead use "Aunt Betty's Cottage" behind her parents' house.  This is a precious little Mother-In-Law-type cottage her parents built for her Great Aunt Betty (affectionately known as Baba (BayBay) to all of us who knew her), who has now gone to be with the Lord.  Our Bible Studies meet here.  Most of our Homeschool Moms Meetings take place here.  Why didn't I think of this?  Thank you, Amy!

This was a perfect spot for me to spread out my stuff...and spread I did...

That blue travel mug contained the all important coffee first thing in the morning...and later in the day it contained my Red Raspberry Leaf tea. Yum!

....for 8 1/2 hours on Saturday.  During that time I ran home twice to feed Gabriel...and I also ate lunch with the fam during the second visit.

I wondered if my Sonlight tote might implode when I used it to haul our new My Father's World curriculum around....

...but thankfully it didn't!

How did Jas and the five chitlins fare during my absence?

Great!  He took them (yes, all 5 of them) and did our weekly grocery shopping at the wally, and when I pulled back into our driveway at the end of the day this is the scene that greeted me:

Do they look like they missed me?  Nah, I didn't think so either.

G was napping during all this Silver Bullet fun.

Yes, I'm married to Super Daddy.

Hey Jas!  Be careful up there!

Thank you for allowing me the time to plan on Saturday, Jas - it was a great day and I got lots accomplished!

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  1. How awesome!! So thankful you have such an awesome man in Jason! And so glad you were able to get your planning done!! Much love!!



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