And.......Another Positive

With the number of doses of medicine that Elisabeth and Lily Kay now have in them to combat their strep, they are no longer contagious.

BUT, before they stopped being contagious, they apparently passed the strep along to Noah. We figured this out during the middle of the night when he was throwing up, burning up and had a sore throat. We're quick like that...

The 6 of us trekked to our pediatrician again this morning. We just began going to this new doc back in November...but now we're fast getting to know him and his office better.

My precious boy is so tired

They went ahead and tested Daniel too...but he was negative, thankfully.

When I told Elisabeth, Lily Kay, and Daniel this morning that Noah was sick and running a fever now also, Elisabeth threw herself back down on the floor (thankfully she'd been sitting on the floor) and cried, "Fevers! Fevers! They just keep happening!" (She hasn't earned the title of Resident Drama Queen at our house for nothing.)

And Daniel is just ticked that he hasn't gotten a new toothbrush like the other three (doctor's orders for the sick ones)...and said - with a devilish grin on his face - that he wanted to get sick too! (And I really don't think he was altogether kidding.)

Praying there are NO more positives in our family!

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  1. So sorry! At least infants can't get it!! And tell Daniel I have a new toothbrush for him anytime he wants to come get it! : ) Love to all of you and prayers for healing and SLEEP!



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