Noah is 8!

Noah turned the big 8 on Sunday.

How did we celebrate? By setting him to work?

Yes, but don't feel bad for him...he was making his birthday cake.

He and I made it together, actually. A fun "Daughter-Son" activity! (It's not that I don't have time to do that sort of thing ahead of time, oh no - not me, I'm not busy at all!)

Noah picked out the cake (strawberry) and the icing (peppermint - on clearance!). It was quite a yummy combination...and totally natural (not-at-all) and healthy (no way!).

And Noah decorated his cake also. His current obsession is geography, specifically the United States. (He is going to love our history/geography curriculum next year!) So he picked his 5 favorite states from a Melissa and Doug puzzle we have and decorated the edges of his cake with them!

You can see on this side of the cake that Nevada and Florida make Noah's Top 5 List.

Oh, how I love this precious boy-man.

And OH, how we butt heads.

Noah and I are SO much alike that it can make for some interesting times here in our house!

I **get** Noah. And I am so glad I get to be his mama.

We love you so much, buddy - Happy 8th Birthday!


  1. Hey we wish Noah a very happy belated birthday...
    Love "Aunite Arica"

  2. Us, too! We hope you had a wonderful day, Noah. Looks like you did!



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