Father-Daughter Dance 2012

On Saturday night, two of my favorite people in the whole world went out and had a great time...without me! (the nerve)

Jas and Elisabeth getting ready to head to the 2012 Father-Daughter Dance:

Let me interrupt this post to explain why Miss Lily Kay didn't participate in this outing: our not-so-girlie-girl did NOT have fun at the dance last year...and made it very clear the entire time the three of them were there. She wasn't ugly, just very clear: Right after they arrived at the dance, she asked when they could leave...and kept on asking the entire time they were! She was glad to not be a part of this outing this year.

But these two LOVE going to this dance every year - their 5th if I'm counting right.

Well, let me correct that: Elisabeth loves going to this dance every year.

And her daddy - well, he loves his little girl - so he happily takes her to the dance every year.

And this year, Elisabeth took along a surprise for her beloved daddy:

A card that she made ahead of time, thanking her daddy and telling him how much fun she had - because she knew she would have fun!

(That is a tulip on the front of the card...and check it out, it still has its roots attached!)

Thank you, Daddy, for taking me to the father-daughter dance
I had so much fun.
You are the Best Daddy ANYONE could want!
(her "o" in "could" is a flower also...I could eat. her. up!)

And to top it off...Elisabeth also gave daddy a $1 bill.

Now I may be a little biased...but I do believe we have THE most precious 8-year old on the entire planet!


  1. That is so sweet that they enjoy that together. That is something special that both of them will remember in the future.

  2. That is just too sweet! And her hair - I love it!!

    janet and gang



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