Top 10 Reasons I Love My Jas

Jas and I have been having a lot of fun around here. We always have a lot of fun around here (see #2, 6, and 10 below)....but this has been fun of a different sort.

When I saw this post a few weeks ago, I immediately thought, "Oh, I want to do that!" And I am so glad I did!

So, today is Day #10...and "On the 10th day of Christmas My True Love Gave to me..."

A Top 10 List of the Reasons I love You, Jas

1. You love the Lord and want His will done in your life and in our family

2. You are so much fun

3. You are a hard worker and great provider for our family

4. You have made it a priority for our family for me to be at home with the children - I am so thankful for this and I don't ever want to take it for granted!

5. You are a great steward of the money and gifts the Lord has blessed us with

6. You make me laugh

7. You would rather spend time with us than pursuing hobbies outside our home

8. You are so smart (although it does get old that I can never beat you at Boggle)

9. You know how to fix everything around the house (seriously, everything)

10. You are hilarious - Oh, have I mentioned that already? It's because this means alot to me, especially since I'm a control freak/perfectionist...you are so good for me!

1 comment:

  1. So thankful for you both and the marriage you live out as a witness each day! Merry Christmas! Looking forward to time with all of you! (As you know, Aaron ALWAYS asks when he knows we will be seeing you, "Is Mr. Jason coming too?" He LOVES some wraslin' with Mr. J!)



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