Miscellany Monday: December 12, 2011

Given the changes I've experienced the past few days, I knew it was time to give up one more thing: my idea about this year's Christmas card.

I've had in my mind for months that Gabriel would be in this year's family picture in our Christmas card. I've been holding out...not trying to get a good family pic for the card. Not ordering pictures. Not getting our Christmas cards ready to send out.

Well, I just ordered our family picture.

Our cards will be going out just as soon as I can get them ready now.

And I? Feel peaceful about it.

Thank you for that, Lord.



I have been a slacker...and I will feel liking I'm lying if I don't share this here. I mentioned in this post what we're doing for this advent season. Remember the little brown bags with items in them representing different aspects and stories about Jesus? (You probably don't remember...but just nod and smile.) I mentioned in the post that I wasn't quite done yet, but that I would be shortly....

I lied.

I never finished getting them ready.

We did like, ummm....two bags.

We're done.

And honestly? I'm o.k. with that.

And now? I feel better for having confessed.


My weight gain (due to the lactation inducing medicine) prompted a much-needed run to TJ Maxx yesterday.

Let me just say that I'm so glad that the "In" thing in sweaters this winter is big and loose and flowing!

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