Lily Kay Funnies

Tomorrow is my birthday.


This evening Lily Kay and I had a very fun little conversation:

LK: "So! Tomorrow is your birthday!"

Me: "Yes. Yes it is!"

LK: "How old will you be?"

Me: "39"

LK: "So, you're 38 right now."

Me: "Yes, tonight I'm 38, and in the morning I'll be 39."

LK: "And next, what will you be?"

Me: "After 39 I'll be 40."

LK: (looking serious all of a sudden) "So.....you're not dying......right?!?!?"

WHAT?!?!? I'm only turning 39...not 89! The Good Lord willing...I'm not planning on going anywhere yet!


LK came to me, with a wide smile and her eyes shining brightly...

LK: "Mama, do you want to hear something?"

Me: "Sure!"

LK: (starts hopping up and down fast, a sloshing sound is heard in the pit of her stomach) "That is my milkie!"


LK loves her Laoli. LK loves Hot & Sour Soup.

Recently it was LK's turn to have a "Day with Laoli". They ordered Chinese for lunch.

When Laoli asked LK what she wanted for lunch from the Chinese restaurant, LK said she wanted some "Sauerkraut Soup."

Thankfully, Laoli is smart and she knew what LK meant...

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  1. Happy Birthday to a really "old" lady! Oh my, if LK thinks you are old at 39, imagine what she would say to my 53!

    She is just too cute with her little sayings. Thanks for sharing.

    Love to you all,
    the bourkes



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