"Zibing turn...Laoli turn"

Another weekly tradition we have in our family is "Laoli Day". My mom ("Lao Lao" means maternal grandmother in Chinese, but the kids have shortened it to "Laoli") lives right around the corner, and she has one of our children (on a rotating basis) over to her house from lunch time until supper time, one day a week.

My children, understandably enough, cannot wait until it is their turn. Hey, they get different toys and books and games, cartoons (we don't have "live" TV), chips and cookies, and best of all...the undivided attention of an adoring grandmother. What child wouldn't eat that up?!? I had to get over myself a long time ago, and not take it personally that my children can't wait to leave here and have a turn with Laoli - I'm just so thankful that they have this wonderful "Laoli" in their life.

We waited for Lily Kay to have a turn at a "Laoli Day" until we knew she was ready. And boy was she!

We could tell she finally understood the deal - what she was missing out on - last week when Daniel got to have his turn. Ever since then she has been saying, multiple times a day - "Zibing turn, Laoli turn".

Finally, finally...it was Zibing's turn on Tuesday. Before we even ate breakfast, she looked like this: jewelry, check...jacket, check. Ready to go spend time with Laoli!

She even put this beautiful headband on, all by herself...to look her best for Laoli.

Zibing had a blast with Laoli!

She has already started asking again, multiple times a day, for another turn with Laoli. "Zibing turn...Laoli turn..."

When mom stopped by for a quick visit last night, Zibing slipped on some sunglasses, Laoli's purse and was ready to leave with Laoli. "Zibing turn..."

Thankfully, we see my mom on an almost daily basis, so Zibing has plenty of opportunities to see Laoli, but as for "Zibing turn...", she doesn't yet understand that 4 children, rotating on a weekly basis = she doesn't get another turn for 4 more weeks!


  1. Please tell Laoli I'd love to take the 5th week of any month!! ; ) Just love the fact you have your parents there to help! It makes such a difference!! Can't wait to see box day photos!! Love you all!!

  2. I can't wait for it to BE box day! I just went and checked Sonlight's website - we should get our stuff tomorrow - YAY!

  3. Hi there, I just read about 4 days worth of postings. I smiled when I saw the empty tomb picture, our youngest (Jenny) did one in Sunday school. The farm pictures look like so much fun and along with the park pictures, kids never mind how cold it is or that we are freezing, as long as they have fun. Grandma time, my kids can't get enough of their grandparents and we joked around sometimes we feel chopped liver, but so glad they have this special times with them and allow to be spoiled. That is what they are for, among other things.



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