Surprise Visitors!

There is a now a 30-minute block of the morning where Elisabeth is in charge of keeping Lily Kay occupied, while Daniel and I do his "school", and Noah works on his school work in the school room. See, I have been reading and implementing that Managers of Their Homes book!

Well, on Monday, Elisabeth and Lily Kay headed into their time together...but Snow White and a beautiful Ballerina came out! I was very shocked...what happened to my baby girls?!?!?

But Snow White got busy finishing Elisabeth's school work, so I decided not to complain!

And the ballerina was content to work quietly at her desk while I then worked with Noah during his tutoring time...so I decided not to complain about her either.

Seriously though, the children were all so cute about this dress-up time (the boys soon joined in, of course): "This is the first time Lily Kay has played Dress-Up!"

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