Sunday Snapshot: Emergency Services Fieldtrip

We went on a fabulous fieldtrip with our homeschool group on Friday. We got to see first-hand and learn about our emergency services providers.

We had a great turnout on this trip, and we all learned alot from Capt. Joe about firemen and the hard job they do...and about fire safety.

One thing I love about our group is that it is so big and so varied. On this trip we ranged from a 3-week old...right up to a grandma!

Gabriel is going to be in good company when he comes home and starts going on fieldtrips with us. We actually had three babies on Friday's trip - a 3-week old, 3-month old and a 6-month old. (And Danielle is about to have Jedidiah any. time. now.)

We watched a great fire safety video and then got to see a fireman (the rookie, of course) suit up in their actual gear...

...and we got to touch him!

The children also practiced their safety fire crawling.

And what trip to the fire station would be complete without actually spraying the hose???

And we got to get up-close-and-personal with the firetruck.

Next we headed over to check out an ambulance.

And while we were in the ambulance, the EMT checked out Elisabeth! While Noah is an old-hand at EKGs, this was Elisabeth's first one:

And then, we got to walk next door to the Air Evac Lifeteam site. We learned lots of neat facts about helicopter evacuations, including the average bill to our closest big hospital ($30,000!).

You can't tell too good from this picture, but they actually had us back up and they turned the helicopter on for us!

We gave Captain Joe a big thanks for our fun morning with them...

...and we thank "Aunt" Arica for setting this fieldtrip up for our group!

Sunday Snapshot

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  1. We went on a similar field trip last year and it was one of my kids' favourite of all time!





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