A Good 'Ol Baptist Girl

Just in case we were wondering if we were raising our Elisabeth to be a good 'ol Southern Baptist...well, that question was answered this morning!


Background: We go to a Southern Baptist church. The name of one great hero of the faith that every baptist knows well is Charlotte Moon - better known as Lottie Moon. She was a missionary who spent nearly 40 years living and working in China (1873 - 1912). I've read biographies about her and have read children's level biographies to the children as well.

Elisabeth's first October home, we even dressed her up as our favorite missionary "Lottie Moon" to attend our church's fall festival!

More background: Elisabeth loves to look through our wedding album.


So Elisabeth has been asking me for several days if she could look through our wedding album again. This morning I finally said "yes." She and Jas and I had a good time looking through and reminiscing together...explaining customs and traditions to her, like rehearsal, bouquet-throwing, and the like.

When we go to the end of the album, Elisabeth turned to me and asked a question. I could not figure out what she was saying/asking! It took me about three times of having her repeat it before I realized what she meant to ask was: "Where did you go on your honeymoon?"

What she actually asked: "Where did you go on your Lottie Moon?"

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  1. HA! I LOVE that! E, Lottie Moon is one of my favorites too!! Must've been all those years of G.A.'s! Thanks for all the love on the blog and our phone! Love you all!



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