Miscellany Monday: October 17, 2011

Just because we homeschool, does that mean that we can’t turn out to support the local school’s football team???

We voted “NO!” on that and on Friday night, turn out to support them we did!

The six of us went with Laoli and Papa and Aunt Susu (all of whom went to high school here – and Papa actually played on the football team!). AND, two days before the game, Laoli took the children and I to a local little specialty store and outfitted us in blue gear, so that we could properly cheer the team on.

We. Had. So. Much. Fun.

I knew we’d have a good time…but seriously, we had so much fun.

All except Lily Kay, that is.

Even before the game actually started, she was asking, “Whyce it take so long???”

And during the 1st quarter, she was already saying, “When can we go home?”

The only part of the football game that LK did like - the food!

So, while Miss LK was not impressed, the rest of us were – and had a great time!


Jas and I had a date on Saturday. The first one in months. While I theoretically agree with the idea that couples should have dates (every week or every other week would be perfect)…the reality is hard to accomplish.

We keep my mom (Laoli) busy enough helping out when the children have doctor appointments and such that I hate to ask her to help watch the children so Jas and I can just go on a date. And forget hiring a babysitter! By the time we actually paid the sitter, we would have no money left to actually do anything on the date!

But Laoli watched the children for us on Saturday so we could go on a date. It was a shopping trip/date. We got a bite to eat (at a Mexican place that I’ve been dying to try for months….Jas has been during his lunch before, but I’d never been), and then ran around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find some things that Jas needed. Important things like new socks and underwear (you don’t mind me telling everyone your business…do you, Jas?)…and a few new shirts.

And then, we got to see Courageous. I’ve heard great things about it over the past few weeks that it’s been out, and I so wanted to see it. The rave reviews were right on.

I had a great date with my boyfriend-for-life!


It’s official.

We have been visiting a new church for about 3 months now…and yesterday we officially became members.

Our new church is a good fit for our family, all the way around. From smaller things like worship style…to bigger things, like vision and priorities, it’s a fit.

From the way the children are in Sunday morning worship with us, and not segregated to a different area…to the challenging messages we hear every week, it’s a fit.

From the great program the children do attend on Sunday evenings (that they l.o.v.e.!) to the “community group” that Jas and I are a part of on Sunday evenings, it’s a fit.

But, wow, leaving our last church after attending for 9 years…that has been hard. Jas and I were baptized – together – at this church. Jas and I became parents at this church. This church - and all the people in it that we’ve come to love – have walked these adoption journeys with us. Again…and again. This was a hard decision because we have no ill feelings, but our new church is simply an even better fit for our family the way we are now, and where we’re headed in the future.

We felt God’s confirming peace that our new church is where we’re supposed to be now.

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