The Tax Refund Debacle of 2011: Part 3

Part 1 can be found here and part 2 can be found here


So Thursday was the deadline that the IRS had given us for turning in more evidence to back up our tax return...or else WE would owe THEM over $6,000.

Jas and I had many discussions about this whole situation, and I was his sounding board...but he did all the legwork. Jas has been working very hard on our response...and I really do love him so for handling this for us.

Here is our response:

These 60 pages were - per the IRS' request - faxed to them and a hardcopy was then mailed to them also.

These 60 pages include copies of many receipts, many cancelled checks, many adoption certificates, Excel spreadsheets...yada, yada, yada... All the evidence they were wanting for our children's adoptions.


NOW, IRS - may we please have all the money you owe us?

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  1. We are also in the same boat as you. They audit us the beginning of July. I called them this month and they informed me that we are back in the bottom of the pile and they they were thru the end of March. I told them we filed in Feb. They said, yet but seeing that we were audit, we got to the bottom of the pile. I asked them about the Pink paper that said expedite on it and they said all that does it let the recorder know when they get to your file, that things have been already inputed and they just have to input what we sent. We were told around the end of December we will get ours back....Good luck



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