Wherefore Art Thou, Tax Refund?

We are one of those adoptive families that has had the joy of being caught up in delays in getting our tax refund this year.

The adoption tax credit has been such a blessing the past 6 years, and has been not-a-little reason we've been able to adopt again (and again...).

And we were so thrilled when we found out that the IRS was turning that "credit" into a "refund" this year...making it payable all in one year (we were still rolling forward Noah and Daniel's credits!).

We were thrilled, that is, until we realized how big of a PAIN this was going to be to actually get our return processed and the refund issued to us!

It has now officially been five months since we submitted our tax return, and we still have not received our refund.

The latest issue the IRS is having is with the "Donation" we paid to the orphanages in China. They have the misguided notion that the term "donation" means that we just decided to gift this money to Noah and Daniel and LK's orphanages. I suppose that term may be misleading. But anyone who knows anything about Chinese adoptions could tell you - that "donation" is very much a requirement. You are not leaving China with your new precious child if you don't pay that money!

The IRS may think that if they just keep stalling us long enough we'll just give up. Well, they've got the wrong people.

We very much need that money. We've got plans for that money.

And our plans have a name: Gabriel


  1. We were 18 weeks into our wait when we got the famous audit letter...we are 3 (we sent everything in the day after we got the audit note) weeks into waiting after sending back the letter. We even got a pink form that told us to send back with our documents to expedite the file....

  2. We are following about the same timing as you. We would have used that money we are waiting for for Nathan and Peter instead of the credit card. If we ever get it, I guess we'll use it for post-placements (they will cost about $1600). I've read many, many posts about this and someone said they read 58% of people claiming this credit/refund were audited this year...way out of line for normal auditing %'s. So uncool considering how many types of others skew tax numbers for finanical gain, not to save children :( Our said we'll get our answer by 7/30...so we'll see what they kick back next :(



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