Our Color-Coded Kids

It all started several years ago, when our kiddos switched from sippy cups to regular cups.

It just made sense for the children to each have an assigned cup (by color), so that they could re-use it throughout the day...and not get a new one at every meal (not to mention in-between meals) for drinks.

And the color-coding thing worked so well with our drinking cups, that we extended it to other objects.

It's always nice to know what belongs to who, at a glance.

And it's especially handy to know who to blame if I find something where it should not be...like a wet towel on the carpeted floor. (Not that any of my children would ever do that!)

We've found that it never hurts to throw an initial on an item either:

But then sometimes, we get a wild hair, and let the children pick out whatever strikes their fancy:

We're just crazy that way.

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