My children crack. me. up!

This time the culprit is Noah.

I was not planning on posting tonight...but he gave me no choice.

We have recently started copying an idea that we got from our friends, Chris and Sabrina.

When we put the children to bed, they are now allowed to read for about 10 minutes before one of us pokes our head into their hallway to tell them to turn off their lights. (LK and Daniel "read", while Noah and Elisabeth read.)

Tonight when I went in the boys' room, this is what I saw:

Noah called it his "canopy".

And he was very proud of it. And what was inside it.

What was that strange light coming from inside the canopy?

He had tucked a "fan" (the orange light) and a "light sabre" (the blue light) into the bottom of Daniel's bed...

...so he could chill and relax while he read tonight.

OH, what did we do for entertainment before we had children???

1 comment:

  1. I love it when our children make me laugh. I hope to be like Linny, and know when I am in my 50's, my house will be CRAZY FUN and they will be bored.



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