Their House

I was finally able to snap a picture of this house to go along with a post that has needed to be written for a while.

But this is not our house...and I didn't want to just stop some day and take a picture of this house. Because it is not ours. And I felt weird just taking a picture of someone else's house. And I didn't want them to think I was weird for taking a picture of their house. Because that does seem weird. And while I am kind of weird...I didn't want them to think that.

But Jas to the rescue!

The 6 of us were driving somewhere the other day...can't even remember where right now. Jas was driving, and as we got closer to this corner (the corner with "Their House") I realized now would be a great time to snap a pic of Their House. I've never moved so fast in my life! It took me about 3 seconds flat to whip my point-and-shoot camera out of my purse (that's the redeeming thing about point-and-shoots, you can shove them in your purse...not so with fancy schmancy cameras!), roll down the window in the Silver Bullet and snap this shot.

Sooooooo..........now I can finally do this post. Without further ado...

Noah does not want to get married when he gets older. That's his current stance anyway. I certainly hope he changes his mind...but this is what he's been saying for about a year. (When questioned further, his reasoning has something to do with thinking that kissing is gross!)

So for the past few months, Daniel and Noah have been plotting that they will live together when they grow up. And now they have Lily Kay in on the plan. Once they established with her that no, in fact, she could not actually marry either of them, she agreed to just live with them.

And this is the house they have picked out.

It is right around the corner from our house (although none of the other houses in our neighborhood look like this house...it is much younger and bigger), and it is right across the street from our church...so we pass it often.

So the younger three plot. And make plans about how they're going to live together and share this house. So far as I can tell, the only thing that really draws them to this particular house is that it has what they refer to as a "2-floor"...that would be what you and I refer to as a second story. They are fascinated at the fact that it has two floors (our house does not have 2 floors, obviously).

They are also fascinated that Daddy and I have actually been inside Their House. We looked through it when we were looking for a house after we first moved here, and that house was on the market. They quiz us about what it is like on the inside. It's pretty, and while it looks big on the outside, it is broken up and the rooms don't feel big, and when you open the fridge door it hits the island...yada, yada, yada. And living on multiple floors is way over-rated - too much exercise!

They're not to be deterred.

And Elisabeth just shakes her head at them. Literally. I can see her in the rear-view mirror of the van.

Elisabeth: "Mama...they are not even asking God what HE wants them to do when they grow up!!!"

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  1. This cracks me up...because my peeps are the SAME! It took a lot to convince Bella that she really can not marry Levi. But they talk about what career they could choose that they would ALL be happy with so they can work together. And they plan to live together. And now the house next door is for sale and they are hoping it will still be for sale when it comes time for them to buy a house. Heehee. Really though, I just love how close they are and that that even sounds appealing to them. :)



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