Beach Trip - 2011: "The Sofa Picture"

I have a new "Beach Sofa" Picture to add to our collection. But they're about to re-do all the condo interiors! ACH! Next year we'll be taking pics in front of a new sofa!

I'm copying my post from last summer, and just adding in this year's picture of our cuties!


I'm a sucker for traditions...and a sucker for taking pictures of those traditions.

And then I love to compare the pictures (like I did here)...even though it makes me a little tearful. WOW, these precious children are growing up fast!

My parents have owned their timeshare down in Daytona for 6(now 7!) years now. And the sofa in the family room has turned into our traditional place to take pictures every year.

Here are the chitlins in 2011:
(Look, Noah and Daniel are still wearing the same bathing suits they did last year. They've certainly grown taller, but their little waists are still...well, little!)

My kiddos cheesin' for me in 2010:


About 6 weeks before this picture, Noah had his pacemaker inserted...you can still see the bottom of his scar is more red (fresh) than the upper portion, and you can see the circular bulge in his abdomen where the pacemaker is located.

(2007: The two weeks that we were supposed to be down at the time share exactly coincided with the 2 weeks that we were supposed to be in China meeting Daniel...we decided to go meet our precious baby boy instead of going to the beach!)

Noah was still in diapers...and was apparently feeling a little camera-shy! Elisabeth was still into running around naked! (In case you can't tell, I just drew her "bikini" in with our photo editing software!) 6 weeks prior to this picture, Noah had his second open-heart surgery...his little chest and belly are still so swollen in this picture they look like they're going to pop!


O.k., o.k., so this isn't "The Sofa". In June 2005, Elisabeth's first June with us, my parent's timeshare in Daytona was closed for repairs (gotta love those hurricanes!)...so Laoli and Elisabeth and I spent a week at the beach in St. Augustine. I couldn't help but include this picture of Libeth from her first ever summer trip to the beach! Look at that sweet belly!

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