When we stayed with our sweet friends, the S Family, last weekend, we learned a new hair term: Palm Tree

This is what Melissa and ther 8-year old twin girls call it when they pull the middle front part of their hair back into a rubber band.

Did they make this term up? Or are me and my girls the only ones in the world who didn't already know this term?

Palm Tree. hmmmm.....

I just did not get it while we were there.

I didn't get it until I did it to Lily Kay's hair the day after we got home.

DUH, Joli! It totally looks like a Palm Tree! I love it when stuff makes sense like that!

Lily Kay's hair is now getting long enough that we can begin doing cute styles like this...and she does not have to wear big tails every day! I don't know if it is that her hair is just heavier now that it is getting longer, but even if she wakes up with it looking crazy, once we brush it it looks pretty normal.

Lily Kay apparently liked the way the Palm Tree looked on her...she just doesn't have a grasp on the name yet.

So, when we went to do her hair this morning, she asked...

Lily Kay: "I want the pumpkin. Can you do the Pumpkin sing on my hair???" (still working on that "th" sound!)

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