Our Wycliffe Fieldtrip

We have read lots of wonderful books over the past several years with our Sonlight homeschooling curriculum.

Two of those great books,


...were published by Wycliffe.

And Wycliffe just happens to be headquartered not too terribly far away from us. (Yes, still hours and hours away, but relatively speaking...)

So what are three homeschooling mamas to do?

Fieldtrip, of course!

Melissa (on the right) is the one who thought of this...and made all the plans and arrangements. And even put up me and my four and Amy and her two for a couple of nights so we could do this! You are the best, Melissa!

Wycliffe is named after John Wycliffe, who lived in the 1300s, and in rebellion to the Roman Catholic Church, translated the bible into English so that common people could read it for themselves (and not rely on the "The Church" to tell them what it said, which wasn't working out too good).

John Wycliffe

Wycliffe is a Bible Translating ministry whose vision is to make "God's word accessible to all people in the language of their heart." So they support missionaries to that end...and publish great books telling the rest of us about those efforts also.

This class that Wycliffe offers for children on the how's and why's of Bible Translation was wonderful! And even knowing the relatively small number of children we were bringing (8), they scheduled 4 people to help us!

It was hands-on...

Parading around using native music making instruments

It was fascinating...

(o.k., so LK didn't actually think it was fascinating at first. She erroneously thought we were going swimming at first, and was just distraught and beside herself when she found out we weren't swimming....but after she and I "talked" she got with the program.)

It was Christ-centered.

John 3:16 in the International Phonetic Language

A "tree" in the Wycliffe Discovery Center that visually shows how many Bible-less people groups exist in the world right now

Not surprisingly, after reading the above-mentioned books (before we ever even went on the fieldtrip!), most of our children would tell you that they want to be missionaries or missionaries-who-translate-the-bible if you asked them what they are going to do when they grow up!

Our kiddos in front of mannequins dressed in native outfits in the Discovery Center

Our fieldtrip to Wycliffe was simply fantastic. We all learned alot and the staff radiated God's love. Us mamas could not believe how wonderful this trip was.

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  1. Oh, please email me with details! We would LOVE to do that as a family!!!



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