Last Day of School: 2010-2011

It gradually snuck up on us...and now? We're done with our 2010-2011 school year!

We will continue to do a little math everyday through the summer (don't want to lose any hard-fought ground), and I want my readers to practice reading everyday. But, things are going to look very different around here for the next 2-3 months. (I haven't decided when to start back exactly. I think we'll start back before normal starting time so that when Lil Man makes his entrance into our home, we can take some time off to adjust.)

We had a good year. I can't believe it was the end of our 3rd year of official homeschooling! Time flies when you're having fun!

Like we always do on the first and last day of every school year, the children drew pictures and posed for mama.

The last several times, I've begun taking their pictures in front of the same bookshelf...it's also a great way to see how much they grown:

Elisabeth also wrote "I love school" on the bottom of her picture. As I was straightening some things up after she and I finished her school time this morning, she came up behind me and kind of quietly said, "Thank you for homeschooling us, mama. Thank you for being our teacher!"

Wow! Not that every day is great here - not by a long shot. But I wouldn't trade this for anything!

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