Colorado Trip - 2011: Our Ride For The Week

Since we flew to Colorado and didn't drive like we originally thought we would...the Silver Bullet didn't come with us.

So we had to rent a vehicle.

A vehicle big enough for the six of us. (And we wanted to have room for Nai Nai to ride around with us also.)

Here is what we ended up with:
A very nice Tahoe. (The kiddos commented that it was just like your vehicles, Mrs. Vicki and Mrs. Melissa!)

The first few days I drove it around Colorado Springs, I have to admit: I was loving it!

It drives a tad bit smoother than the Silver Bullet.

And it is definitely a tad bit cuter than the Silver Bullet.

But with this many people, and with having two bench seats, after having to pull the middle bench forward (for the 200th time!) so that 2 or 3 of us could pile into the back bench seat - I couldn't wait to get home to The Silver Bullet!

Call me "old" and "practical"...I resemble that remark!

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