Colorado Trip - 2011: Photoshoot

Steph has a great friend named Annie.

And Annie just happens to be a great photographer.

And that worked out great for our family!

We took family pictures on Friday afternoon...and I was so happy to discover a little bit ago that Annie already has our "sneak peek" up on her website!

Check out some of the shots from our shoot here.

(BTW - for the 2nd to last shot, the pose was Elisabeth's idea. This right-brained child is totally going to be used by the Lord to do something artistic/creative when she grows up!)

Disclaimer: Be prepared to be floored by the totally gorgeous backdrop - and YES, it is totally real, courtesy of the Creator of the Universe!


  1. Wow gorgeous pictures!!! I think my favorite is the one second from the bottom! Everyone looks so pretty and handsome! Looks like you guys had lots of fun on your trip! (:
    God Bless~
    -Kirstie Bikakis

  2. Ok, I'm officially jealous!! :) What a beautiful family, and you are right--the backdrop is perfect!



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