My Date With Noah

After his big sis got to go on a "date" with mama...you know that Noah has been chomping at the bit to have his turn!

And last Friday night was the big night.

Even though I listed about 10 options of places we could go to eat supper...I knew where Noah would want to go...

...and I knew exactly what he would want to order to eat...

While waiting for our food, we played a rousing game on the child's menu, with crayons. This guy loves games and is good. Jas and I do not believe at throwing games with the children...but I have to work very hard to beat Noah when we play games together (like Blink).

And we had dazzling conversation during our date, including the part where Noah mistakenly referred to me as 36. (What?!? This is The Math Guy! At any given point he can tell you exactly how old everyone in our family is, including grandparents). When I started to say something, he jumped in, "Oh, yeah, you're 38 now...that's just so old...I keep forgetting!"

Thank you. Thankyouverymuch.

All the unintentional personal injury remarks aside, we had a lovely dinner together...and then...drumroll, please...

We got to go to Wally world.

Noah had some money burning a whole in his pocket (well, it was burning a hole in his My Giving Bank, actually).

And seeing as how I do not go anywhere near the toy aisles when the five of us do our grocery shopping, when one of the children saves up some money and wants to buy something...a special one-on-one trip is in order. And Friday night was the perfect time for Noah's shopping trip...and boy howdy, was he was excited.

He'd had his eye on some, well...what else? Cars!

We had a fabulous time together...and I look forward to going out with this handsome young man again!

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  1. Surely is a handsome man. Who wouldn't want to go on a date with that cutie?



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