Not again...

So where was Elisabeth in all the excitement that I reported about our spaghetti lunch???

In my bed.

With a fever.


I just went back and looked (this blog is an excellent stand-in for my ever-dwindling memory)...with the exception of a few days about two weeks ago, we have had someone (and usually multiple someones) sick since the end of November.

Most recently Daniel and Lily Kay both started coughing (rattly, productive sounding coughs...yuck!) almost two weeks ago. I've never posted about it because I was hoping it would all just quietly go away !!! (I told you I liked the "head-in-the-sand" position...I try it in every area of my life.)

But then Jas got it.

And then yesterday Elisabeth started with it.

But she decided to take it a step further than the little ones (that's what my "big" Elisabeth and Noah call them)...and she showed up in our room before 7 this morning, positively glowing.

Yep, fever over 102.

So, she's been hanging out all day...and actually being a very good patient.

Now I don't want to whine and sound like I think that our attempts at eating and living healthy make me think that we should be immune to this sort of thing....but honestly, by golly, I do think that our attempts at eating and living healthy should make us immune to this sort of thing!

Why else are we doing this?

Do I just naturally like eating quinoa instead of doritos??? Or drinking homemade kefir instead of Diet Coke??? NO!

I just might have Jas stop on his way home from work and pick us up something really bad...


  1. Go for it! Sometimes you need something really BAD to make you feel better! I hope Elisabeth is feeling better soon.

  2. A little McD's might be what the doctor orders! Ha, ha!

    Hope you all get to feeling much, much better and positively well soon!

    Hugs from afar so as not to get any germs! :)

    Janet and gang

  3. Forgive me while I laugh :) But, if you are gonna bother to get some junk food in them, skip the DIET part of the Coke and just go for it. Nothing, NOTHING makes a person with fevers, sore throats, or coughs feel better like cold Coke. Purely medicinal so it would be OK to serve when you are getting chain illnesses in your home.

    Hope this is the last round. Prayers for well kids soon :) Jennifer

    P.S. Kefir? Oh, my....I know a McD*onald's hamburger should scare me more, but I just don't know how I could down Kefir. You have set the "feed your kids healthy" bar very high, lady!!



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