Another one bites the dust...

And now Daniel also has a fever of over 102.

To put my feelings into very technical language: ARGH!

It's a good thing our bed is king-sized...it's going to be very full tonight!


  1. Shall I bring over some smoke pork butt, white flour yeast rolls drizzled in tons of margarine, or some process meat like spam and a bag of Doritos?

    Just kidding....

    I'm sorry you are all so sick...You have certainly had more than you share....my only complaint is....I'm wide awake at 2:30 a.m.

  2. still thinking of you in the regular hours...

  3. PLEASE bring over some smoked butt...and some of your famous iced tea! You KNOW how much I love your smoked butt! WHAT ARE YOU DOING AWAKE AT 2:30 AM, FRIEND!?!?!?



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