Another little Lily Kay-ism

Following right on the heels of yesterday's post about Lily Kay's English (and her occasional slaughter thereof...) I just had to record what she said today as I was preparing lunch (read: heating up the leftovers from last night's spaghetti):

Lily Kay: (running through the kitchen, stopped long enough to peek at the lunch fixins I was preparing and then ran right on into the family room to report to the boys): "YAY! We get bughetti!"

Mama: "Lily Kay...look at me, baby - SSSSPPPAAAghetti"

Lily Kay: "SSSSPPPAAAghetti"

Mama: "SSSPPPAAghetti"

Lily Kay: "SSSPPPAAAghetti. Am I good?" (read: Did I say it right?")

Mama: "Yes, you did very good, baby!"

Lily Kay: (waving a big Thumbs-Up in the air, smiling huge) "NEHA!" (read: Yeehaw!... like a cowboy)



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