Lily Kay's English

Lily Kay is becoming more and more fluent every day. People are just amazed at her progress with her English.

I'm amazed.

But I have to admit...I will be sad to see her Lily Kay-isms go.

Right now "Everybody" is "everybowy"...and yes, it is as cute as it sounds.

"Thank you" is still "Fink you".

And she still throws totally random "le"s into alot of her sentences. (Example: "I miss you, le go to work, Daddy!")

When I say "Lily Kay, look at me" and exaggeratedly show her how to properly form all the sounds...she can totally do it. (And with two boys in speech thereapy -post to follow soon- I know the importance of helping where I can...and not just smiling at how cute it is!) Hence, she has eliminated many of the cute Lily Kay-isms already.

And the rest should surely starting counting their days.

BUT, this morning Lily Kay said something that had all of us in stitches, even her...although I'm not entirely sure she knew what was so funny.

The whole grain portion of breakfast this morning was homemade granola.

After Noah finished off his first bowl, he asked for seconds.

Just in case I was wondering if she wanted more, Lily Kay piped up and said

"I full....I don't need any more gorilla!"

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