Any minute

About a month and a half ago I posted here about one of our cows, Bobbie, being pregnant.

When I went to milk Jenny last week, it looked like Bobbie was going to have her calf any. minute.

So imagine my surprise each day as she has not had her baby all week.

When the children and I went to milk Jenny this morning, this is what Ms. Bobbie looked like...

I'm no vet, but her udders are so full with milk that I don't know how she is standing, much less walking around.

I took my camera out there this morning because the children and I just knew that the new baby would be here by now.

We can't wait to see that new baby.

AND about 4-5 days after she has the baby we can start milking Bobbie again. Adding her milk to the milk that we're currently getting from Jenny will be very nice. When we're only getting milk from one cow we have to ration ourselves...it will be nice to have milk coming out the ears again!

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