I always have about 10 posts percolating in my head...I just don't have the time to actually post them.

We have been extremely busy lately. Schooling, decluttering (again), fieldtripping...but mainly getting ready for the Love The Least Conference.

It's this Saturday. Finally. We. are. so. excited!

385 people "like" us on Facebook.

Two different newspapers have written articles about it.

We have over 60 people registered to attend right now. Mostly from Georgia...but some from Florida...and some from North Carolina also.

The couples that we're bringing in to speak at the conference founded the 147 Million Orphans ministry.

Proceeds from the "147 gear" they sell go to fund Katie's work in Uganda (the story behind their partnership is found here). I've had a link to Katie's work over on the right side of my blog for months (Amazima)...but I wanted to highlight it here. The God-things that she is accomplishing deserve to be highlighted.

Here is video about Katie, rough, radical...and real:

(the blonde woman in the video is Suzanne...who'll be here speaking this weekend.)

His word does not return void...it accomplishes what He wants it to. (Isaiah 55:11)...and I can't wait to see what He wants to accomplish through this conference.

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  1. Will be praying for your conference. Just attended an adoption fair in Dayton, Ohio a couple of weeks ago hosted by another family whose son lived at Philip Hayden Foundation where our Philip lived. Amazing things are happening all over on behalf of the orphan.

    Also, I have sent you a couple of e-mails that I am not sure you got. If you didn't, let me know. I will resend the most recent one. It has a bit of news in it!

    janet and gang



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