Two new "M" words for Lily Kay

A couple days from now will mark our 3 month anniversary with Miss Lily Kay - WOOHOO!

It's hard to remember life without her. Elisabeth just looked at Lily Kay across the table at lunch and said (ever so sweetly)..."I'm so glad we have my little sister."

Me too!

This little girl is so quick. Seriously, how did we get so blessed to have the 4 smartest children, ever! (I may be a little biased!)

Lily Kay is now picking up new words left and right, at an ever-increasing pace.

In the past few days, Lily Kay has added two new "M" words to her repertoire.

One I like...

one...not so much.

The one I don't like as much: "Mine"

Lily Kay has been labeling things for weeks "Zhe shi Elisabeth...zhe shi Zibing." (this is Elisabeth's...this is Zibing's)

But a couple of days ago that changed to "Zhe shi mine!"

Now, to her credit, she doesn't say it in an ugly, or haughty manner...she's just matter-of-factly labeling everything around her.

Oh, but it still kind of made me cringe to hear her say that, because I'm afraid it won't be long until I do hear it said (perhaps yelled) in a not-so-nice manner...directed at one of her siblings!

But, on the other hand, I know this precious girl is still just marveling that she has something - anything - that is really and truly hers.

So, I'll going to try to focus on that part of her saying "mine"...instead of dreading how she may say it in the future.

The one I like: "Ma'am"

Now this is a prerequisite based on where we live - the deep South. To her credit, Lily Kay has been on top of "Yes, ma'am" for weeks. (Although it sounds a whole lot more like "Jes a maya" right now - so cute!)

BUT, we also have our children respond "Ma'am?" when we call to them, perhaps from a another room.

How it should go:
Mama (in the kitchen) to say, Daniel (in the dining room): "Daniel" (not yelling, which is not allowed, even by mama and daddy...but pleasantly-sounding loud enough that he can hear me)

Daniel: "Ma'am?"

This sounds so much nicer to our parental ears than if the children were to respond: "WHAT???!?!?!"

And a couple of days ago when I called to Lily Kay she said "Ma'am?"...OH, it was music to my ears! I don't know why this thrilled and surprised me so much...but it did!

I was so surprised I actually said: "Did you just say "ma'am"?"???

She grinned and said "Jes a maya!"

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  1. What a smart, polite little girl! And why is the word "mine" so easily learned so early? Even my little Ella knew that word when she could barely say any other words. *sigh*



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