The 2nd smartest thing we've done this year...

The first was, of course, bringing Miss Lily Kay into our family!

So, the 2nd smartest thing we've done this year was changing the configuration of the girls' beds from this:

To this:

WHY would I do such a thing?

Because it was hard, even for me, to make the beds when they were both pushed up against a wall, and pushed up against one another! And now my precious girls can make their own beds without any help from mama!

It's amazing how much this one little change has helped the process in our mornings. As I recall, the very technical term for this type of problem that I learned in my Production Management classes during my MBA program: Bottleneck!

And VOILA...now it's gone!

WOW - 11 years ago when I was sitting in those classes, you can bet I never imagined I would be applying that information this way!


  1. great thinking! I like the look and it's functional! Your kids are adorable!



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