My Daughter, My Sister

A few weeks ago, one Sunday afternoon, Elisabeth said, "It's time."

Time for her to be baptized.

Our precious girl actually asked Jesus into her heart a while ago...but did not feel ready to be baptized yet. We told her that "Jesus would let her know when the right time came."

And the time came...and He did let her know.

And now she's been excited for weeks. Excited for this morning, when she would have the chance to make public something that she's had in her heart for a long time. (Romans 10:9-10)

Our precious girl has always been very spiritually sensitive. In fact, she was only 3, or maybe even 2, when she first shared the Good news of the Gospel with someone. I will never forget her just laying it out for this lady who was sitting next to us, waiting to have her hair done - Elisabeth even physically demonstrated how Jesus had hung on the cross for us.

Our precious girl is always making up songs to sing about Jesus...and songs to sing to Jesus...pictures of Jesus....

from 2008

...pictures about Jesus...pictures and notes telling others about Jesus, and how much He loves them.

Elisabeth wrote this in the sand at the beach last week.

Laoli and I joke that Elisabeth is going to be a singing and dancing missionary when she grows up.

While we don't know the details, we do know that the Lord has big plans for this precious girl...and we're excited to see what He has in store for a life so tender and open to His leading.

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  1. Oh happy day with Heaven rejoicing!

    Love in Christ,
    Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Elijah



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