We celebrated that 4-year anniversary


Guess who this is???

Noah's choice for how he wanted all of us to celebrate the 4th anniversary of his open-heart surgery was to go to our local indoor jumping Play and Party Center.

Think Pump It Up...but on a smaller scale.

Much smaller.

But, hey...my kids don't know Pump It Up...so they love this place.

And now Miss Lily Kay loves this place too!

Besides 5 jumping things...

there is also Air Hockey...

and Foosball.

I definitely see Air Hockey and/or Foosball games in our children's (perhaps teen years) future!

We had a great day, celebrating our great big (little) guy...and our Great God!

1 comment:

  1. Looks like the perfect way to celebrate the anniversary of such an important event!

    And on a side note, looking at those pictures, you'd never know that you just brought Lily Kay home 3 months ago. She is an amazingly well adjusted little girl!



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