Another First for Lily Kay...

and hopefully a "last"!

Miss Lily Kay, a.k.a. The Hot-rodder, took a spill on a big wheel Sunday late afternoon. She was apparently leaning back as she went flying off the edge of our driveway...fell backward, hit the back of her head on the concrete driveway...and the big wheel came back and hit her in the face.

While I don't have a picture of the big knot on the back of her head, her face looks like this...

While trying to console her and praying...all this anxious mama could think about was Natasha Richardson (remember, Liam Neeson's wife?). (Call me over-reactive, I can deal with that...)


off to the emergency room Lily Kay and I went.

Once I assured her she would not be getting any shots...or getting blood drawn...only "pictures", she was o.k. with walking back into the exam rooms.

BUT, they didn't even take pictures! Lily Kay almost wouldn't leave she was so disappointed they hadn't taken her picture! We had a very nice time talking with the nurses...Lily Kay showed them pictures of the others at home...we answered lots of questions about adoption....

And then after answering lots of questions about Lily Kay's accident and her condition, they gave her the once-over, sent us home, and told us to watch her.

One hour...in and out. Thankfully, a very pleasant and easy first - and better be last - trip to the emergency room.

We didn't get home until right after bedtime, and Jas and I just didn't feel right about putting her to bed, out of our sight...so Lily Kay slept with us.

I couldn't help but comment to Jas how far this precious girl has come in 2 1/2 months...since refusing to even sleep in a bed in the same room as us...

To this...

...ecstatic to get a chance to sleep with mama and daddy!

You've come a long way, baby! And for that, we praise the Lord!


  1. Praise the Lord!!! Maybe you have the next Nascar girl there! ; )So thankful she is ok and so very blessed! Love,

  2. Aw, poor Lily Kay. Claire is deathly afraid of anything medical now too. :(
    It is amazing to see her transformation in a short 2 1/2 months. Children as so much more resilient than I ever could be.

  3. Yikes! So glad Lily Kay is OKAY! Scary things happen in an instant. We look forward to seeing you guys!



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