4 weeks...and counting!

Today we started Week 33 of school, which means....(drumroll, please) that we have 4 weeks of school left. Elisabeth and Noah are almost done with 1st grade!

So, instead of doing this...

and this...

during the day.

We'll be doing more of this...

...like we did a few days ago.

Not that we dislike school. To the contrary, my kids do not mind "doing school". And while it does not take us all day to get it done, it gives a structure to our day that I can assure you, this mama appreciates!

And we will keep right on keeping on with math through the summer. Don't want to lose any of those recently acquired math facts!

But summer will be a nice break...more time for much-needed swimming, vacationing, and chilling out.

And then come August, I'll have a Pre-Ker, a Kindergartener and two 2nd graders! YIKES!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun and as I am sure you know, you can do a lot of teaching without being in the classroom and the kids won't even know it is "school"

  2. AMEN, Sue! Are you sure you're not a homeschooling mama?!?!?



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