Our Wild Adventures!

Our family buys season passes to a (relatively) local theme park every year with Christmas money.

The kids l o v e it!

I l o v e it!

Daddy - while he's a pretty good sport about it - not so much...

So, during spring break, when some of our friends were off from public school, three of us moms took our 7 cuties (all from China) to PLAY! Daddy was so sad to miss out on the trip (not)...

This was Lily Kay's first trip and to say that she loved it would be a complete understatement!

She is daring! She is brave! She is not scared by rollercoasters, tilt-a-whirls, Dizzy Dragons...or the very high heights of the ferris wheel! We won't talk about how she felt about the animals in the petting zoo area, though...just don't expect any pictures of her with them.

Daniel's favorite ride of the day???

When Lily Kay motioned for me to climb in this ride behind her...and then found out I was too big ("Da")...this is the face she made - I'm so glad I caught it with the camera!

She is still talking about it...in the only way she can at this point: In imitation of the roller coaster we rode she will glide her hand up very slowly, and then make it go down and around and around really fast and crazy!

I'm sorry now that I didn't get more pictures during the day - especially of her doing the more daring rides. But the reason is that I was always right there with her - usually trying to hold for dear life - and there was no way I could have taken any pictures at that point!

Lily Kay said the word "Fun" for the first time on this day!

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