Daniel's Cranked Up New World

Here is a picture of our precious Daniel at the start of this afternoon:

And HERE is what our precious Daniel looks like now:

Notice anything different???


Look closer...

No, that's not a bug in his ear! Daniel is the proud new owner of bilateral Widex hearing aids!

And you might not be able to tell from his sad face...

But he is loving them!

So much for worrying about how he would adapt!

Daniel is taking it all in typical Daniel-fashion. He rolls with the punches...he amazes me! Surgeries that would make adults cry and moan and complain for weeks...no problem. Strange new things in my ears...no big deal!

In fact, listen to Daniel's prayer from supper tonight: "And thank you Lord, that I can make this noise (holds his right hand up to his right ear so that the hearing aid creates feedback and a high-pitched squeal)...and that the other side can do this." (holds his left hand up to his left ear so that hearing aid creates feedback and a high-pitched squeal).

After we were done with his appointment, Jas and I agreed that every boy who is fitted with his first new pair of hearing aids should get to go and do this...


  1. What a brave boy! So glad that he is adjusting so well.

  2. I had thought of you, dear friend...then I was quite distracted.
    So glad Daniel is enjoying his new accessories...does he seem to notice his hearing is better?

  3. What a great day for Daniel! He looks so happy! Your post brought a smile to my face as well!

    Janet and gang

  4. What an amazing boy! I have heard that hearing aids take a little getting used to, so he must be a super trooper. That's fantastic!

  5. What a mellow boy!!! Way to go! Definately a good reason for ice cream!



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