Big Day = Long Post

After we finished school on Tuesday (I only have two 1st graders right now, so we're done every day before lunch) we went out with my mom (Lao Lao) to my dad's "farm". The "farm" is about 170 acres, and it's about 5 minutes out of town...and I use quotes around "farm" because the only things being grown out there are pine trees, deer and turkey.

While Laoli and Papa have owned the farm for 6 or 7 years now, Papa has more time to devote to it now that he is retired. And this is his new, fun hobby. He's even bought a tractor. You can find him out there almost everyday when he's not on the golf course. (Yeah, he's got a rough life now...but it cost him 70-80 hour weeks for 39 years, and 8 relocations to earn this!)

So, we took lunch out there and had a picnic with Papa at the farm. Papa was burning stuff...and we didn't want to miss that! (Doesn't take much to get us excited!)

It was Lily Kay's first time out to the farm - and, WOW, did she ever love it!

She was fascinated watching Papa on his tractor....

and she loved driving his Bad Boy Buggie...

and she loved cuddling with Laoli on the Bad Boy Buggie...

and she loved "driving" the four-wheeler...

and she loved checking out the river that borders one side of the farm...

It would not take much to talk me (or my children) into moving out to a setting like this!

(It would, however, take alot to talk Jas into it, so "big city" dwellers we are!)

After nap, all four children had exams at the dentist. I know, I know, all four?!?!? I was trying to get the madness over with all at once.

But there wasn't any madness.

Everyone did good. Great even! Even Noah, who has NOT done well in the past. And Lily Kay, even though it was her first time.

Look at Lily Kay holding Elisabeth's hand...so sweet!

After watching her siblings do so well, Lily Kay was totally ready to climb into the seat (as long as they turned on the TV in front of her)...she even let them do all the x-rays!

So, Lily Kay did good - but the news about her mouth was not good. (As we knew it would not be.) The poor thing has thirteen cavities. POW! She's going to get to know Dr. Page very well over the next couple of months!

AND, as the perfect end to a very big, busy day...we got to go have dinner with our precious friends, the Mattox family!

Even though we've been around them several, several times already since we've been home (see here , for one example)...this was the first time we'd been to their house, and Lily Kay acted extremely shy at first. But then, in true form, she became more comfortable and ended up having a great time. And I always have a great time talking with my precious sister-in-Christ, and fellow adoptive mom, Robbie. I praise the Lord for bringing Robbie into my life. We live only minutes away from each other, in the same small town, but didn't know each other or meet until we were both in the process to adopt from China. She quickly became a dear friend. We "waited" together for Josie-Tatum and Elisabeth - and now we have SIX precious children from China between us!

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