Noah's 6th Birthday!

Today was our first baby boy's 6th birthday!

I cannot. believe. it.

He is getting so big - he already talks and thinks like a person much older than six. He is wise beyond his years. Noah is already doing great in his reading...but he definitely has a math-oriented brain. He inherited that from me.

And this boy loves him some cars...

...and rocks...

...and chips.

And for his special birthday supper tonight, he chose this menu:

Mac-n-cheese ("the orange kind"...not mama's homemade kind, with whole wheat pasta and white cheese sauce, thankyouverymuch)




And Noah's heart...his precious, precious heart. His heart that is defective by worldly standards - needing two open-heart surgeries and a pacemaker to function properly - let me tell you...his heart works beautifully. You don't often meet people as loving, kind, and chivalrous as this little guy.

When he was 2 years old (and hadn't been walking for long), if he heard Elisabeth mention that she wanted something from another room - mind you, she didn't ask for his help, he just overheard her - he would toddle off as fast as he could to go help his big sis.

Two days ago, after a grocery trip, he unloaded all the grocery bags - would not let me help. And then, as he finished with the last bag, he realized that one of my van tires had gone flat (totally flat...steel radial threads poking out!), and proceeded to change it for me.

Once I helped him locate and extricate the jack, he would not let me work on the getting the nuts off the tire...and I bet that little rascal would have accomplished the whole task had Daddy not shown up when he did!

Noah's heart works beautifully...and that he inherited from his Heavenly Father.

We love you Tong Tong...happy 6th birthday, buddy!

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  1. Happy Birthday Noah!!!!! Very glad to see your family join the blog world! It will be a blessing to keep up with your family here!!! God bless!



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