The scariest/funniest thing that happened today

So Nai Nai is visiting...and we're all having a ball!

Nai Nai loves Diet Pepsi. We don't normally have any soda in the house...but I always buy a fridge pack of Diet Pepsi for Nai Nai's visits. I love my mother-in-love and that's the least I can do for the woman who birthed and trained up my precious hubby. I'm nothing if not a grateful daughter-in-law.

Well, Zibing has been curious about these cans of soda. Not used to seeing them around here.

This afternoon she must have decided that Nai Nai was looking thirsty, so she got a can out of the fridge for Nai Nai. Nai Nai didn't need it just yet...so Zibing found something even more fun to do with it.

Even though she was only standing 2-3 feet behind me...I totally missed the fact that Zibing put the can of Diet Pepsi in the microwave...AND STARTED IT! (Told you she was smart and observant.) She must have seen quite a sparkle show, because she (thankfully!) called out "Mama!"

YIKES! Forget what I said about not having to watch her as closely anymore!

Next time, just take the can...o.k. Nai Nai?


  1. That must have been quite a show to see! I'm so glad you've joined the world of Bloggers!

  2. I finally gave in..."but everyone else is doing it, mommmmmmmm!"

  3. Joli,
    I am so excited to follow along!! :)



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